(1) WHAT IS ENER369?
ANSWER: ENER369 is a product researched and marketed by MC-OCEAN company with the cooperation of Changmai University, Thailand and the University of Natural Medicine, USA for professional collaboration of food and the use of modern extraction technology. This product provides essential fatty acids that are needed by our body, namely: OMEGA 3, OMEGA 6 and OMEGA 9; it also contains the highest and the best anti-oxidant known as xanthones.

(2) What materials are used to produce ENER369?
ANSWER: The ingredients for ENER369 are (1) Rice bran, the company uses the most advanced cold press technology to extract the most nutritious rice bran oil (2) the essence of the most valuable antioxidant, xanthones is from mangosteen skin. Next, it uses the world’s first technology to combine the xanthones in powder form to dissolve in oil.

(3) How to consume ENER369?
1. Age 12 years and above – 2 capsules per day, along with Enertri in the morning.
2. 2 years to 12 years – 1 tablet a day, along with Enertri in the morning.

(4) ENER369 suitable to be consumed by whom?
ANSWER: Children ages 2 years up to senior citizens, suitable for all genders.

(5) What are the advantages ENER369?

Ener369 vs. Kids
Ener369 has the properties that are required by the brain, retina, eye and spinal cord. With sufficient intake, it will help improve intelligence, vision and nervous system of children.

Ener369 vs. Parents
Ener369 contains a very important ingredient to soften and dilate blood vessels, reducing bad fat and glycogen, coordinating blood viscosity, preventing blockage of the blood vessels, protecting the liver, and regulating toxins that can harm the liver.

Ener369 vs. women
Ener369 can compensate for the production of hormones, help women with menstrual problems and menopause. Provides a good function to the bone and reduce bacterial infection in the vagina due to dryness.

Ener Men VS 369
Ener369 help Prostaglandin secretion, henceforth changing the sex hormone that is needed, improving prostate problems by balancing hormones, preventing hardening and aging tissue, reducing blood clots, preventing the formation of blocked blood vessels, hence reducing arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Ener 369 VS Skin
Ener369 is a sun protector, it can block UV rays that damages the skin, especially Omega 6 and Xanthones that helps repair collagen and prevent damaged skin by free radicals from UV rays.
Ener369 have substances that can inhibit the formation of melanin, coordinating the toxins in the body, accelerating the formation of the cells, improving blood circulation, increasing collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pigmentation to achieve skin that looks radiant and bright.

(6) What is the difference of ENER369 with other OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 on the market?
1. OMEGA 3 or OMEGA 6 products in the market are usually produced from 1 type of OMEGA which is Omega 3 from fish or mammals in the sea while Omega 6 from grains. ENER369 is produced from rice bran which contains three types of Omega, which does not need to be purchased separately or acquired from others. In addition, ENER369 contains the highest and best anti-oxidant in the world, xanthones.
2. ENER369 is produced from rice bran and mangosteen skin, 100% from plants, soft capsules from seaweeds, does not contain formulation from animals, 100% suitable for vegetarians.
3. ENER369 does not contain formulations from animals.

(7) In markets, can I buy products with the same ingredients as ENER369?
ANSWER: In the markets, you will not be able to buy the same content material like ENER369, this is because ENER369 are products marketed by only MC-OCEAN company. All formulations and copyrights are owned by MC-OCEAN.

(8) Every soft capsule has some yellow sediment in it, what sediment is that?
ANSWER: The sediment is the essence of the mangosteen skin, which is xanthones.

(9) Can Ener369 be consumed with other drugs?
ANSWER: Yes, you can, because all health food is natural, so it does not cause any side effects.

(10) How do I have to store Ener369?
ANSWER: Ener369 must be stored in a shady and dry place and at room temperature.

(11) Are Ener369 safe?
ANSWER: Yes, Ener369 is very safe. Rice bran is used as a main food ingredient.Paddy is the safest food for humans. Therefore, elements from paddy are very safe for us. In addition, it is also easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

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